This cake was inspired by my beautiful large lilac poppies that I grew from seed in my new garden. In the Summer they burst into these fantastic delicate flowers which only lasted one day before throwing all the petals around the garden like confetti.

Purple Poppy Celebration Cake

I have never made these flowers before and do not have any metal cutters so I cut off a head and dismantled it. Sometimes they only had 4 petals and sometimes 6. I proceeded to make templates in card of the petals to keep for future use and took a photograph to cross reference with as well.

The center was made first and then the stamens were added after that. The white with a hint of pale lilac petal paste was cut and wires inserted to produce four large petal. Finally they were painted to simulate the patterns on the real flowers; I like my finished flowers to look pretty but not altogether too realistic to show they are handmade.

The cake was completed with a frill down the front that highlights the flower.

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