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Well I am back. It’s a while since I posted anything on my website.

So it’s sunny outside and I think I may go out in the garden and mow my lawn so this will be a small blog.

I just thought I would have a go at making a rag doll that would be perfect for a little girls birthday cake. It’s around 5 inches in height and took around 4 hours to create.

Rag doll cake topper suitable for a little girls cake

Designed and created by Copper Top Cakes

This cute little rag doll is made entirely of modelling paste. I first started with the legs then attached the feet. Putting a stitch effect around the booties to emphasize that is a rag doll made of fabric.

I used a lollipop stick to hold the body to the top of the legs and hold the body up straight.

Using embossed rolling pins I then dressed the model body with a pretty skirt and worked upwards towards the shoulders.

Just getting the basics down, I moved on to the arms and hands with more stitching embossing using another lollipop stick to hold the arm up (I had to prop this up for 24hrs to dry and hold).

Ideal for birthday cakes

Detail of back of model

Making the face was fun and enjoyable – just to see what I could do – I surfed the net to get an idea of what rag doll faces were attractive and put my own stamp on it.

All the pretty flowers, dots and detailing were the last job of the day.

I also am thinking of making a little boy rag dog in blue to match at some stage.

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Well I know I have been away a bit but I am in the middle of renovating our bungalow – I had itchy fingers and needed to get ready for a British Sugar Guild demonstration I had coming up. The theme was ‘Painting on Icing’ and therefore I came up with a few different ideas to show everyone.

I created each piece on a 9 inch square board as this was a much better size to demonstrate (cheaper than a whole dummy cake)  – Look out for more of my samples over the coming days and eventually I will make them up into cakes and show them on my blog too!

Bronze and keyline painting of poppies

Bronze and keyline painting of poppies

This was my first example of what can be done painting with edible food colouring. I have been to art college and have been trying to replicate gouache paints and have therefore been experimenting with mixing different makes of colouring to achieve my desired effect. I wanted to paint with as little brush strokes showing as much as possible on the finished product and have a sharp edge. Quick drying on the cake but not in the palette was also needed – you know how the powder and vodka mix dries too quickly.

Inspiration came from all different sources of media. Firstly I had my design mapped out on watercolour paper so this could be tweaked on the actual design on icing.

The basic design was traced on to the icing and then the background colour applied leaving the desired white areas. After this had dried I used a fine art brush to trace the white poppies and then all the rest of the lines were painted freehand. This unique sample looks amazing and could easily be applied to make a spectacular multiple tiered wedding cake with petal paste white poppies on the top.

If you’d like me to decorate a cake in this style for a special occasion then please feel free to contact me for a quote. Copper Top Cakes is based in Nottingham and delivers to the East Midlands area.