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This 10 inch square sponge cake was created last week. It needed to have a clean and simple but intricate stylish design for Bill’s 80th birthday party.

Bagpipes, Canal Boat and Aeroplane 80th Birthday Cake

Bagpipes, Canal Boat and Aeroplane 80th Birthday Cake

Firstly I consulted with the client about what kind of style, detail and colours they required which then followed with a computer generated design sent by email for approval.

It’s always best to ask about the person whose birthday it is; what do they like to do, follow, hobbies etc., and then it gives you an idea what to make for the cake.

Designed on a computer first.

Designed on a computer first.

To give you an idea of the scale (how small) this design is the plane was about 70mm long. All created using modelling paste onto a board covered with sugarpaste, this was produced a few days before covering the cake so it gave me plenty of time to get it right. The board was then attached to the cake with royal icing which meant that prior to cutting the cake, the design could be removed and saved for memories.

80th birthday cake using hand modelling, hand painting and royal icing piping techniques

Bespoke 80th Birthday cake

Techniques used in this design involved hand modelling, hand painting and piping and therefore take time and care to reach the desired effect.

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This amazing cake was created last week for a lovely couples 25th Wedding Anniversary party. They do a lot of walking with their dog Minty who loves to chase squirrels and this is what the bespoke cake design is based upon. This beautiful cake topper is actually sat on a cake board so it could be removed before the cake was cut and saved as a memento of their special day.

Walkers 25th Wedding Anniversary Cake


Walkers/Ramblers 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Cake

These hand-made figures are sat on a log which was based around a photograph that was supplied to me when the cake order was placed.

Walkers 25th Wedding Anniversary Cake

This is their cute little West Highland terrier called Minty which is roughly around 1½ inch wide and 1 inch high. He is eyeing up the squirrel which is even smaller than Minty and holding an acorn.

Walkers 25th Anniversary Cake

Around the actual cake a meadow was hand-painted with edible food colouring featuring daisies, butterflies, dragonflies and ladybirds surrounded by bright green grass.

Ramblers 25th Wedding Anniversary Cake

When designing and creating cakes it’s best to make sure the cake decorating looks good from all angles – even behind.

Ramblers 25th Wedding Anniversary Cake


The result of all this hard and enjoyable work was a cake I was very proud of and was just what the couple had in mind – and they loved it.

This kind of cake decoration could be applied to wedding cakes as well as all the other varieties of celebration cakes too.

If you’d like me to decorate a cake in a bespoke style or something completely different for your special occasion then please feel free to contact me for a quote. Copper Top Cakes is based in Nottingham and delivers to the East Midlands area. Please feel free to leave me an email or a message and I will always get back to you as soon as possible.