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I’ve been waiting to have a go at this creation that’s in my head for a little while now. If you have followed my blogs before you will have seen the square plaques I have painted for my previous demonstrations; now I wanted to have a go on a cake and I know butterflies are in fashion so I felt one large butterfly would complete this dynamic cake.

Purple Butterfly Celebration Cake


I love the pinky lilac colour of this cake and felt it was delicate enough to hold and show off a strong design with a large butterfly.

Now I already had my painting inspiration from my previous designs so I decided to dive in and paint straight on the cake with no patterns to follow, no traced pattern. Basically I doodled this freehand onto the cake then just kept repeating a similar pattern and making it up as I went along – I love this style has it as a vintage feel and looks a bit like a henna tatoo too.



Free flowing doodle

Free flowing doodle


Now to the butterfly…I did not use any cutters in this process. I found photos of butterflies and cut out my own card template to get the wing shapes. It was like producing flowers really; cut out shape, insert wire, use poppy veiner to create wing veins and ball tool to soften edges. The body was more tricky and that was moulded around florist wire too. These were left for 24 hours to dry then painted and taped together to form this striking butterfly.

Lilac Butterfly Celebration Cake


If you’d like me to decorate a cake in a similar bespoke style or something completely different  for your special occasion then please feel free to contact me for a quote. Copper Top Cakes is based in Nottingham and delivers to the East Midlands area. Please leave me an email or a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


I was really excited about creating a cake for the Wedding Cake competition at Cake International Exhibition at the NEC this month as it was the first time I have entered it. My hard work paid off as I received a Silver Award – a fantastic result.

I decided on a theme of cherubs and hearts for my entry. I loved creating these cute little cherubs with their tiny toes and hands.

They were draped in robes made from icing and tiny flowers were cut in half and attached to their shoulders then brushed with gold.

Two thirds of the cake was highly decorated with the hearts and cherubs but the other third was more simple and gently textured so the overall effect was dynamic in decor and contrast.

The more simple side used a mixture of techniques involving piping, edible lace and painted relief background.

The cake was highlighted with gold columns for the cherubs paradise, delicate roses and topped with 2 cherubs holding edible lace covered hearts.

If you’d like me to decorate a similar cake for a special occasion then please feel free to contact me for a quote. I am based in Nottingham but will cover Derbyshire, East Midlands.

This cake was designed for my mum who did not want her age on display for her visitors with Birthday wishes.

The delicate pink covered cake contrasts well with the hand made lilac roses and white stenciled royal icing for a vintage feel.

The decoration was complete when ‘Mum’ in a contempory hand made font and little white daisies were added.

If you’d like me to decorate a similar cake for a Birthday or a Wedding Cake then please feel free to contact me for a quote. I will deliver in the Midlands area and for wedding cakes beyond as I am based in Nottingham.

This pretty pink handbag cake was designed for a special girls 16th birthday party.

A sponge cake was carved into the handbag shape and then covered in pink icing. A pin wheel was used to recreate a decorative stitching pattern along the edges and sides of the bag.

I made a mould of some different buttons to make icing buttons to decorate the front and back of the cake. I also added some hand made flowers to the front for good measure.

The base is also icing and patterned to look like fabric. It is finished off with a lovely font saying ‘Happy 16th Birthday Abbie’.

If you’d like me to decorate a similar cake for someone specials Birthday then please feel free to contact me for a quote.

As I have said in my earlier posts, I look far and wide outside the cake world for inspiration for my cake designs. The idea for this cup cake design came from a haute couture evening handbag that I saw in a high fashion magazine.

The handbag was covered in lots of tiny pink petals which I have recreated by cutting out and hand forming half petal shapes.

Once all the petals were in place the design looked just like I had envisaged. However, I felt that it needed an extra little sparkle, so I added some edible silver balls and glitter.

These are more intricate than some of my other cupcake designs and as such they are priced at £3.50 each, minimum quantity 12. Please  contact me if you would like to place an order for your special occasion.

This cake has grown from an idea I had for couples who don’t want traditional or formal style wedding cakes or for those on a more modest budget.

The various pink and white heart shapes are loosely and informally scattered over the cake whilst the hearts exploding from the top of the cake give it a real sense of energy.

The price for this cake would be around £300 depending on the size required. If you’d like me to decorate a similar cake for your wedding then please feel free to contact me for a quote.